5 reasons why you're more attractive in the summer

In addition to your good mood, summer care for your vision.

1. Your nails grow faster.

Many studies have shown that in warm weather nails grow a little faster and increases blood circulation, which can improve the condition of fragile and brittle nails. The shape of the nails is also important for the strength of your nails oval option as the most sustainable.

2. Your skin is clean.

Summer is good time to get rid of pimples as UV-light helps destroy the bacteria causing acne and balances blood sugar.

3. You feel happier.

Sun makes your body produce more endorphins (hormones of happiness), which helps reduce stress and depression. Energy levels are also rising, it makes you spend more time outdoors, playing sports and having fun with friends.

4. Provision for more than vitamins "miracle."

Under the influence of the sun only body produces Vitamin D, so summer is at its most favorable period. The benefits for the body are better immune system, healthy bones and teeth.

5 причини защо през лятото си по-привлекателна

5. Eat more healthily.

During the summer, often replace carbs with fresh fruits and vegetables. So now, when the will and energy are at peak levels, is the best time for a healthy diet. Say goodbye to chocolate topping!

Pamper your feet

Sandals season is here! 

Поглези ходилата си

 To celebrate properly, refresh your feet with moisturizing-home spa treatment. Fill a bowl with hot water, add to it a little olive oil, milk, lemon juice and a pinch of cinnamon. Then dip your feet in this mixture and just relax.


Game of Thrones 2

"Game of Thrones" is coming back on 1st of April. It'll be surprising, majestic, grandiose. I can't wait for it.


Earrings for sale by Whitney Houston "Bodyguard"

A pair of earrings Whitney Houston from the movie "The Bodyguard" will be auctioned on its property, British media reported.

Earrings that bears the late star in the hit movie with Kevin Costner in 1992, are among the many items that belonged to the singer that will be sold at auction "Hollywood legends" of the auction house Julien `s Auctions in Beverly Hills.

Among other things are black velvet dress owned by the Whitney, and another 15 dresses worn by pop legend. The owner of Julien `s Auctions, Darren Julien announced that more than 50 friends, relatives and former colleagues of the star are connected with the auction house to offer to sell her belongings after her death in February.

"This usually happens when someone dies ... especially if that someone is the status of Whitney Houston. Its effects can be sold for 10, 20, even 30 times that amount to the value before her death these things really become part of history, "said Julian.
"Whitney is a legend, so this is definitely a suitable tender for it. This is a reason to celebrate her life and not put these items in a box under the bed now ... its effects are much in demand," added Darren. He believes that the bid for the dresses of Whitney reach tens of thousands of dollars because it is of interest to collectors because of his incredible career.
Auction "Hollywood Legends" will also include items that belonged to Princess Diana, Charles Chaplin, Charlton Chestan. It will be held on March 31 and April 1 at the headquarters of the auction house in Beverly Hills, California.

Winter - Spring - Photos

These are some photos from this morning.


Emotional sex

Forget all tangled poses ... no matter how you do it and with whom.

Lateral samba, noisy spin, jump, jump, lewd circle-that ... These are just some of the many ways two adults to discover their sexual utopia. But what the hell it has the classic missionary?

Fully responsible to say that I'm willing to bet 1,000 Levs that any woman reading this, at some point in her life, she happened to feel like a real porn actress in her own bed.

What do you mean? I'm talking about the kind of "competitive" sex, showing off his skills in every possible sex position that you have learned to raztresesh world all its paragraphs. Spinning, throw a leg, tightens and relaxes, forcing his body in such acrobatic positions for which you have envied any 11-year gymnast.

Well, great deal with the role of a playboy bunny! BUT YOU RECEIVE orgasm?

I believe that will save money and the answer is .. Well, of course!

"Find someone who makes you feel beautiful and special as your goals (and why not all the time!)".

Usually when I hit ten in a sex performance, I'm so incredibly busy calculating the legs and front legs that ever forget about your own pleasure. Balancing between his feet and holding hands, pouting and purring, so I'm too busy to pretend Jenna Jameson that I forget what that was Ina. And when it came time for cuddling he sated and satisfied, and I feel ... Well, as a complete slut.

For years I thought that the key to incredible sex lies in the intricate postures. But I am wrong. A few nights ago for the first time in my life experienced such intense and emotional sex that he drove from my head everything I thought that I know about sex until now.

I just heard about this "phenomenon" when a woman can be brought to roar the enormous intensity of her emotions during copulation. Pff! Surely I would say that it is only in films for adults! Yes I did!

I never believed that I could reach such heights not only physical but also mental pleasure. A man who shows that prices female body has an incredible tendency to instill great confidence you, and greatly enhance your enjoyment. And this man has done just that. No more amazing pleasure than to feel worshiped! To allow the touch to be slow and enjoy kisses without treskavost drop. My body literally opened under this type. All we did was so real and incredibly erotic. We did not hesitate to enjoy the missionary position. It was spinning in the middle of the sheets to stand in front stand ... In fact, we can say that we were almost motionless. There was no need to hide behind XXX trikchetata and was so incredibly liberating to just be yourself! For the first time I just draw attention to their own pleasure too.

You may not know much, but know this: find someone who makes you feel beautiful and special as your goals (and why not all the time!). I still love the samba side, lewd and naughty turning circle-that, but they simply no way to compare with good old, tearing your soul, gentle, slow sex.